Corporate Legal

Access2Barristers Direct is an efficient and cost-effective way for companies of all sizes to obtain business legal advice and guidance, and then to act should they wish, on a wide range of legal issues.

These include Partnership, Employment, Insolvency, IP, Contracts and many other areas encountered in day to day business activity.

Fast, cost effective help for smaller business owners

By letting us connect you directly with a barrister who is expert in the relevant area, owners and managers of SME businesses can gain a swift and authoritative view on which to base decisions, without incurring the cost or time loss involved in going through a solicitor.

If action is then required, Access2Barristers Direct works with your barrister to take care of all work involved in preparing and delivering the necessary paperwork.

  • Cuts time taken to obtain clear opinion
  • Eliminates solicitors’ costs
  • Streamlines communication between legal expert and business manager

Increased efficiencies and cost-cutting for larger businesses

For larger businesses with in-house legal departments, Access2Barristers Direct is a swift and efficient way to identify well-qualified counsel for each particular need, to avoid the risk of the limits of a single chambers, and to leverage greater value from the in-house resource.

In the case of businesses handling a large number of claims and legal challenges, the direct model of Access2Barristers Direct can result in significant reductions in costs.

  • Eliminates a stage from processing of each case
  • Eliminates solicitors’ costs
  • Improves accuracy of assignment to specialist barrister

Need Advice?

If you need advice, use our contact form to get in touch. Or call us on 0800 955 0956. There are many more areas of law that are not listed yet that our expert barristers have knowledge on and will be able to assist you further. So please call us today. Your call won’t place you under any obligation to use us.