Commercial Law

Commercial Law involves all things corporate from Agreements with Shareholders, to Directors’ Service Agreements, Competition Law, Intellectual Property Rights, Passing Off and Commercial Property Leases.  The areas of Commercial Law that are practiced by the majority of barristers are complicated and equally diverse. The barristers that we work with collectively cover each of the fundamental areas and those all-important niche areas of commercial law; by covering each of these areas our barristers can provide you with the best commercial legal advice. Here is a brief summary of the subject areas that are covered by the barristers that we work with.


  • Company Law (All areas of Company Law)
  • IP Law (Intellectual Property a growing area of law with the rise in electronic communication)
  • Directors Responsibilities (Overdrawn Loan Accounts and Breach of Trust)
  • Directors’ Service Agreements
  • Shareholders’ Agreements
  • Taxation Issues
  • Commercial Litigation (Disputes and Contractual Disputes)
  • Human Resources

Need Advice?

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