Land and Property Law

The law concerning Property and Land Law encompasses all features of buying and selling real property and/or land. However this particular area of consumer law is and takes into account proprietary interests in land and property, legal title and beneficial rights and trusts in land and property, covenants and restrictions over the land.

If you require property law advice but are unsure of the exact subject area here are some the most common areas of Land and Property Law that may affect you.


  • Conveyancing Issues
  • Planning Disputes
  • Property & Land (Ownership Disputes)
  • Covenants over land
  • Restrictions Cautions at the Land Registry
  • Land Registry Issues
  • Leases & Licenses (Commercial)
  • Landlord & Tenant (Private)
  • Neighbourhood Disputes (Boundary Disputes)
  • Change of Usage (Private dwellings to Commercial use & multi occupational use)

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